Roelofse, Reynier

Contact Number: 082 426 3617



Qualification: FET: Tourist Guide NQF 4

Provinces/Site: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West

Type (Culture / Nature / Both): Both

Badge Number: GP 5157

Speciality: Gauteng Cities; Pilansburg

Languages: Afrikaans, English


Guide Profile:

Being involved in the industry of Tourism now for more than ten years. First as only a coach driver, and the last few years as a registered guide as well. I know the industry, and can give very good estimated travel times.

My wife and I started our own company, and registered the company in 2014. Sadly she passed away on 2 November 2014, and I now do all the work and business in her remembrance.

Tourism and people traveling are my passion, and I learned the value of going more than just an extra mile.

My nature of personality is a joker, but I can be serious as well.

Love to make people smile and laugh.

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