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Adventure Site Guide

This CATHSETA accredited course is designed to better equip every one interested in rock climbing and abseiling. It covers everything you need to know about safety, equipment, knots, rope work and anchors, various abseiling, climbing and belaying techniques for both natural and artificial environments. Courses include theoretical and practical work.

The course comprise of three levels. The first level is a thorough basic level that will give the candidate a level of competency where he/she can confidently take up rock climbing and abseiling at recreational level. If the person decides to pursue a career as an adventure guide, this level will form a very good basis for his/her future career. He/she can then progress to the next level.

The second, or intermediate level, will provide the candidate adventure guide with more knowledge and insight about safety and risk management, legal and liability issues, more advanced techniques and systems, group/client control, creation of guided experiences for clients, etc.

In the final level the candidate can become a qualified and registered adventure guide for rock climbing and abseiling. In order to achieve this level, both the previous levels have to be completed successfully. The candidate also has to provide a portfolio of evidence, pass a theoretical test and a practical assessment with a group of people.

After the successful completion of all the assessments the candidate will then be a competent Rock Climbing and Abseiling site guide on NQF Level 2. On achieving a Level 1 First Aid the candidate can then register as an adventure guide with the Department of Tourism.

Who Should Attend?

Everybody that wants to take up rock climbing and abseiling for any of the following reasons:


As a recreation or leisure activity; For the improvement of adventure racing skills; You would like to become an adventure guide or outdoor leader; You are an adventure based education facilitator that would like to use rock climbing and abseiling in your programmes; You would like to start your own adventure business; You would like to do a refresher course in rock climbing and/or abseiling; You would like to obtain a legal qualification in order to proof your competency in rock climbing and/or abseiling.

Entry Requirements:

Candidates will need to:

Be 18 years or older – for younger candidates special arrangements can be made;

Have a valid First Aid certificate – ask the facilitator about first aid courses presented at Drum Beat Academy;

Be mentally and physically fit;

Hand in a certified copy of their ID and proof of residential address;

Attend all theoretical and practical sessions;

Have a good pair of boots, outdoor shoes or takkies – NO sandals or high heals!

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