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Food & Beverage Services


Course Name: National Certificate: Food and Beverage Services (Full Qualification)

NQF Level: 4

Entry Requirements:

  • Mathematics at NQF Level 3.

  • Communication at NQF Level 3.

  • Learners should have a basic comprehension of English.

  • Basic reading and writing skills are required.





R25 300.00


Course Content:


  • Basic calculations.

  • Cleaning materials & equipment.

  • Customer care principles.

  • Different glasses, crockery & cutlery.

  • Different table settings.

  • Different wines, spirits & liqueurs.

  • Health, hygiene, safety & security.

  • Layout, services & facilities of the organisation.

  • Payment methods.

  • Sectors of the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Industry.

  • Stock management & storage.

  • Telephone etiquette.


  • Deal with customers.

  • Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

  • Display Cultural Awareness in dealing with Customers & Colleagues.

  • Communicate verbally.

  • Maintain effective working relationships with other members of staff.

  • Maintain health, hygiene and professional appearance.

  • Prepare written communications.

  • Handle and store cleaning equipment and materials.

  • Handle and dispose of waste.

  • Clean and store glassware.

  • Clean and restock drinks machines / equipment.

  • Prepare and clear areas for table service.

  • Provide a table service.

  • Provide a table drink service.

  • Provide a carvery / buffet service.

  • Serve bottled wines.

  • Prepare and serve wine.

  • Prepare and serve spirits and liqueurs.

  • Maintain the table service.

  • Maintain the drink service.

  • Supervise the running of a function.

  • Maintain a safe and secure working environment.

  • Conduct on-job coaching.

  • Operate a payment point and process payments.

  • Develop self within the job role.

  • Source information about self-employment opportunities.

  • Handle and record refunds.

  • Maintain customer satisfaction.

  • Maintain the receipt, storage and issue of goods.

  • Planning and deliver staff training and development in own area of responsibility.

  • Contribute to the identification of short term supply needs.

  • Maintain the cleaning programme for own area of responsibility.

  • Induct new staff to the workplace.

  • Planning, organise & monitor work in own area of responsibility.

  • Monitor and maintain health, safety and security.

  • Maintain a preventative maintenance programme.


Questionnaires on theory.

Assignments on workplace implementation.

Practical assessment on all aspects of preparing and providing a table and drink service in a bar, club, restaurant, lodge, hotel or guesthouse.


Drum Beat Academy and CATHSSETA certificate.

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