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Nature Guide (Provincial)

2024 Nature Guiding Info

A Nature Guide is a person that interprets the natural wealth of a site or province to a group of international or local visitors and educates and informs them of the different aspects of that particular area. South Africa has a very diverse natural heritage that offers countless tourism destinations where people can experience a variety of tourism attractions from the Fynbos in the Western Cape to the majestic Baobab in the Limpopo, from the wonders of the wetlands at St. Lucia to the striking Gemsbok of the Kalahari. These guides are very well informed about the natural elements of the site or province they guide in and have a wealth of information about the animals and plant life that inhabit it. A Nature Guide can operate in one specific site or qualify to work as a competent guide in a province/s or as a National Guide. A Nature Guide can guide in national parks, conservation areas, mountains, bushveld, different biomes, game reserves, etc. A Nature Guide can also qualify as a specialised guide in an area, province or the whole of South Africa and conduct tours such as botanical tours, biome tours, big 5 tours, birding tours, geology tours, wetlands tours, natural resource tour, etc.

Drum Beat Academy offers a CATHSSETA accredited Nature Guide qualification. This course will enhance your skills as a guide and enable you to interpret our natural heritage in an interesting informative way. This course will let you travel throughout South Africa exploring and sharing our country with paying customers both local and international. Once qualified a Nature Guide can move from province to province finding employment with tour operators, working as a free-lance guide or working on private game reserves in the provinces he/she is qualified for. This programme is presented twice a year at our head office and can be arranged at other locations should there be a big demand.

Course Content




Techniques of guiding; Astronomy; Biomes; Climatology; Ecology; Geology; Taxonomy; Animals; Plants.


Conducting a guided nature tour; Provide customer service; Demonstrate ability to handle problems.

Entry requirements:

Must have completed one of the following Culture Guide qualifications:

Further Education and Training Certificate in Tourism: Guiding, NQF Level 4, SAQA US 71549

National Certificate in Tourism: Guide, NQF Level 4, SAQA US 20155


5 full days theory, 2 full days practical, own time for preparation and completion of assignments and questionnaires


Practical assessment on Conducting a Guided Experience

Questionnaire on theory and information cards Designed itinerary

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