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Drum Beat Academy focuses on the training of people in tourist guiding and hospitality in the tourism industry. We train between 200 and 300 tourism specialits annually.

Our team consists of people with expertise in practical guiding and hands-on hospitality as well as assessment and facilitation. The team members are subject matter experts and qualified in the programmes they facilitate.

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Newest Registered Guides

Schoeman, Nick

Schoeman, Nick Contact Number: +27 (0)72 161 0788 Email: nickschoeman@gmail.com Website: instagram.com/south_african_travel [...]

Labuschagne, Vitto

Labuschagne, Vitto Contact Number: +27 (0)66 439 6350 Email: vitto@sephokotravelafrica.co.za Qualification: FETC: Tourist G [...]

Mseme, Diggie

Mseme, Diggie Contact Number: +27 (0)82 5522 366 Email: diggie@mseme.co.za Qualification: FETC: Tourist Guide Provinces / S [...]

Letlatsa, Nester

Letlatsa, Nester Contact Number: +27 (0)78 494 9349 Email: letlatsam@gmail.com Qualification: Tourist Guide Provinces / Sit [...]

Badenhorst, Monika

Badenhorst, Monika Contact Number 1: +27 (0)82 376 7833 Email: badenhorstmonika@gmail.com Qualification: Tourist Guide Prov [...]

Kilumbila, Kampunga

Kilumbila, Kampunga Contact Number 1: +27 (0)63 033 6482 Contact Number 2: +27 (0)82 861 9458 Email: kilumbiladk@gmail.com [...]


Drum Beat Academy, 7 Van Wouw Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 0181