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Drum Beat Academy focuses on the training of people in tourist guiding and hospitality in the tourism industry. We train between 200 and 300 tourism specialits annually.

Our team consists of people with expertise in practical guiding and hands-on hospitality as well as assessment and facilitation. The team members are subject matter experts and qualified in the programmes they facilitate.

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Newest Registered Guides

Clarke, Julian

Clarke, Julian Contact Number: 083 944 5827 Email: jcclarke403@gmail.com Qualification: Tourist Guide Provinces / Sites: Na [...]

Steyn, Mariette

Steyn, Mariette Contact Number 1: 083 282 5422 Email: greenbunnymariette@gmail.com Qualification: Tourist Guide Provinces / [...]

Mthethwa, Thuba

Mthethwa, Thuba Contact Number 1: 073 572 2827 Email: thuba@iceviewtours.co.za Website: www.iceviewtours.co.za Qualificatio [...]

Ndlovu, Sox

Ndlovu, Sox Contact Number 1: 082 353 9849 Email: exellsox@yahoo.com Qualification: Tourist Guide Provinces / Sites: Gauten [...]

Köter, Bernhard

Köter, Bernhard Contact Number 1: 082 337 1509 Contact Number 2: 011 918 3982 Email: bernhard.koter2@gmail.com Qualificatio [...]

Woznica, Julio

Woznica, Julio Contact Number 1: 082 654 4888 Email: juliowoz1@gmail.com Website: juliostours.co.za Qualification: Tourist [...]


Drum Beat Academy, 7 Van Wouw Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 0181