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Culture Guide (Provincial)

A Culture Guide is a person that conducts extensive tours with an emphasis on cultural wealth, both to enlighten and entertain visitors. South Africa offers many opportunities for international and local tourists as a tourism destination where people can experience a variety of tourism resources and attractions. These guides are very well informed about the history of the different sites that are scattered throughout the provinces of South Africa and have a good overview of the diverse cultural elements of our country. A Culture Guide can operate in one province or qualify to work as a competent guide in numerous provinces or apply themselves to qualify as a National Guide. A Culture Guide may specialise in certain fields and conduct tours accordingly such as a tour of the battlefields of South Africa, monument tour through a specific province, art tour, cultural migratory tour, gold digging tour, old church tour, etc.

Drum Beat Academy offers a CATHSSETA accredited Cultural Guide qualification. This course will enhance your skills as a guide and enable you to find work as a guide in your chosen provinces. This course will let you travel throughout South Africa exploring and sharing our country with paying customers both local and international. Once qualified a Culture Guide can easily move between the provinces he/she is qualified for. This programme is presented monthly at our head office and can be arranged at other locations should there be a big demand.

Course Content




Conduct a guided experience; Design a tour; Legal requirements; Overview of South Africa; South African heritage; Plan and conduct research; Teamwork; Communication; Care for customers; Cultural elements of the province; And many more…


Conducting a guided cultural tour; Provide customer service; Demonstrate ability to handle problems.

Entry Requirements:

Learners should have two South African languages on matric level or equivalent
Reading, writing and basic mathematical skills are required


Full day training programmes are from Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 16:00. Light lunch is provided.
On completion of the initial contact period of 5 days, the learner is required to prepare for a practical weekend (see attached dates).

On completion of the practical weekend, the learner is required to successfully complete a portfolio of evidence. During this period of portfolio building additional contact time is available for guidance and assistance.

Duration of the course is approximately 3 months, dependent on learner’s progress.


Practical assessment on Conducting a Guided Experience

Questionnaires on theory and information cards

Designed itinerary


Drum Beat Academy and CATHSSETA Certificate

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