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Nature Site Guide


A Nature Site Guide is a person that interprets the natural wealth of a site to a group of international or local visitors and educates and informs them of the different aspects of that particular area. South Africa has a very diverse natural heritage that offers countless tourism destinations where people can experience a variety of tourism attractions from the Fynbos in the Western Cape to the majestic Baobab in the Limpopo, from the wonders of the wetlands at St. Lucia to the striking Gemsbok of the Kalahari. These guides are generally very well informed about the natural elements of the site and have a wealth of information about the animals and plant life that inhabit it. A Nature Site Guide can operate in one specific site or qualify to work as a competent guide in numerous sites in a given area. A site can be a particular national park, conservation area, mountain, biome, game reserve, zoo, conservancy, etc. A Nature Site Guide can also qualify as a specialised guide in an area that conducts tours such as snorkel trails, hiking trails, open vehicle field trails, birding tours, botanical tours, etc.

Drum Beat Academy offers a CATHSSETA accredited Nature Site Guide qualification. This skills programme is site specific. This skills programme will enhance your skills as a guide and enable you to find work as a guide at a particular site. This programme is normally presented at the workplace for a group of employed learners. Classes can also be scheduled if there is a big demand from unemployed learners.

Course Content




Plan a guided experience; Establish needs of tourists; General research of site; Professional ethics; Legal Requirements; Identify plants and animals of site; Basic animal behavior; Basic astronomy, ecology, taxonomy, geology and climatology; Directional orientation using natural elements.


Conducting a guided nature tour; Provide customer service; Demonstrate ability to handle problems.


Entry requirements:

Leaner should have a basic comprehension of English

Basic reading, writing and mathematical skills are required


20 days


Practical assessment on Conducting a Guided Experience at a Site

Questionnaire on theory


Drum Beat Academy and CATHSSETA Certificate

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